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Welcome to our New Website!

5.14.2015 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Welcome to the new Wilson's Refrigeration & A/C Service website! This blog (http://wilsonref.isinproduction.com/wilsons-blog) is just one feature of our new site that will simplify the process of meeting your home's needs, and keep you up to date with the latest HVAC tips and news. It's easier than ever to discover all the services that we provide and the wide variety of products (http://wilsonref.isinproduction.com/residential-products) as well. From residential to commercial (http://wilsonref.isinproduction.com/commercial-hvac-refrigeration), and HVAC (http://wilsonref.isinproduction ..

How to Keep Your HVAC System Healthy and Strong in 2015

1.08.2015 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Your home heating and cooling systems (/residential-products/air-conditioners) work very hard throughout the year to keep you comfortable. Like all machines, they can wear out over time. To stay cool all the way through 2015 and beyond, you’ll need a healthy and strong HVAC system. To keep your system in peak condition, you’ll need to invest some time and effort. Here’s how to practice good home HVAC care. Take The Strain Off Just like muscles and joints, HVAC systems will wear out quickly if you put too much weight on them. Good HVAC care starts with your thermostat: The less your HVA ..

How to Keep Your Utility Bills From Skyrocketing When the Cold Comes

11.03.2014 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Cold weather is on the way, and according to MoneyTalksNews and the U.S. Energy Information Administration, over 90 percent of U.S. households will spend more on home heating this winter because of increasing fuel costs. Rather than paying more for heat, why not use these tips to reduce heating costs and invest the savings in a winter vacation on a tropical island? Install A Programmable Thermostat Turning down the heat while you sleep and when no one is home can lower your energy bills significantly. However, it’s easy to forget to adjust the thermostat, especially when you have ..

4 Heating Safety Tips to Keep in Mind This Fall

10.06.2014 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

The fall season signals the arrival of chilly weather in South Carolina, and that means that households all over Newberry County will soon be relying on their heating systems for warmth and comfort. It’s the time of the year when you need to make sure your heater will operate safely and that your home is free from fire hazards. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) (http://www.nfpa.org/safety-information/for-consumers/causes/heating/), fires related to home heating equipment account for about 14 percent of all reported fires. That said, these four simple tips f ..

6 Useful Tips for Extending the HVAC System in Your Chapin Home

9.19.2014 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Air conditioners, furnaces and heat pumps are essential for indoor comfort. With Chapin’s hot, muggy summers and chilly winters, it makes sense to keep your HVAC in tiptop condition. Here are six ways to help your HVAC work smarter and live longer. #1. Schedule Heating And Cooling Maintenance Annually Any HVAC contractor will tell you that most heating and AC repairs result from poor maintenance. Your climate control system works 24/7 to deliver optimal indoor comfort. What would happen if you drove your car all day every day without service? Even a brand new vehicle would die an early ..

4 Inexpensive Ways to Cut Cooling Costs

8.22.2014 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Have you gotten that painful first summer electric bill? Are you wondering how to bring that bill down but worried that making improvements to your home will cost more money than you’ll save in lower energy costs? Try these low cost ways to lower your cooling costs. #1. Add Window Covers The sun can add a tremendous amount of heat to your home both as it hits your roof and walls and as its rays pour in through your windows. To stop heat from flowing into your windows, be sure that you have them covered with blinds, curtains, or exterior awnings. Leave your blinds and curtains clo ..

Where to Set Your Thermostat for Summer Savings

7.14.2014 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

The summer months can take a toll on your household budget because of heightened cooling activity. However, you can take some simple steps to achieve summer savings, beginning with more deliberate use of your programmable thermostat. Energy savings can be directly impacted by precise programming of adjustments in your temperature settings. Recommended AC Settings Experts recommend increasing settings when the cooling load is lower. These times include the night as outside temperatures drop and the day as indoor activity decreases. The load is greater as your home is in use, meaning tha ..

AC Sounds that Should Raise Eyebrows

6.16.2014 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Unusual noises from your AC may be worrisome, especially if you aren’t prepared for the cost of an air conditioner repair. Allowing an unusual sound to continue unchecked could result in damage to important components of your system, making it important to act quickly to have an issue corrected. When you are in doubt, it is wise to call your HVAC contractor for assistance. However, you can begin with some independent troubleshooting before you make that call. Location Of The Sound Pinpointing the area from which an unusual sound is emitted may help in determining the significance of th ..

3 Reasons to Stay on Top of AC Maintenance

4.08.2014 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Living in the Newberry, SC, area means depending on great air conditioning throughout the year, and that means your air conditioner works very hard to keep your home cool. Because air conditioners are fairly complex machines with many interconnected parts, there are a fair few things that can go wrong, and if your system isn’t properly maintained, it may run into future issues. Here are three key reasons to keep your air conditioner in good working order (/heating-and-air-conditioning/air-conditioning-repair). #1. It Saves Money At first glance, this reason may seem counter ..

We added on to our home and I upgraded my entire heating and air system and ductwork as recommended by the comfort specialist and our power bill went down! We have never been this comfortable in our home since we bought this house! Thanks Jimmy and the whole Wilson's crew.

Mike S.