Meet The Team

Our heating and cooling experts dedicate themselves to meeting the needs of our customers each and every day. As a result of technical excellence, personalized service and timely customer service we give our customers what they deserve. Meet the team at Wilson’s Refrigeration & Air.

Jimmy Jr.

Jimmy Jr. Mascot

Jimmy Wilson

Jimmy Wilson President

Chad Shealy

Chad Shealy General Manager - Pomaria

Cordell Brown

Cordell Brown General Manager - Columbia

David Tate

David Tate Home Comfort Advisor

Patrick Bouknight

Patrick Bouknight Service Coordinator

Michelle Hawkinson

Michelle Hawkinson Office Administrator

Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams Business Development

Sunshine Pagan

Sunshine Pagan Operations Manager

Nichole Jeffcoat

Nichole Jeffcoat Service Coordinator

Chris Bullard

Chris Bullard Service Manager

Richard Borja

Richard Borja Service Tech

Kevin Martin

Kevin Martin Service Manager

Chris Graham

Chris Graham Installation Coordinator

Bob Hughes

Bob Hughes Installation Coordinator

Corey Truell

Corey Truell Lead Installer

Ray Banda

Ray Banda Installer

Emory Jones

Emory Jones Installer

Louis Capasso

Louis Capasso Installer

William Weed

William Weed Installer

Stephen Washington

Stephen Washington Service Technician

Levi Wood

Levi Wood Installer

Ovidio Aguirre

Ovidio Aguirre Installer

Benjamin Anthony

Benjamin Anthony Service Technician

Andy Crumpton

Andy Crumpton Service Technician

Courtney Greene

Courtney Greene Service Technician

Lee Davis

Lee Davis Service Technician

Todd Boles

Todd Boles Service Technician

Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris Service Technician

Daniel Ferrari

Daniel Ferrari Service Technician

Jake Thomas

Jake Thomas Service Technician

Have used Wilson's for a year now and we receive excellent and fast service from them.

Diane Ellis