2 Tips to Keep Your Commercial Refrigeration System Cool This Summer

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If you’re like most business owners, you’re moderately savvy when it comes to your commercial refrigeration system operation but there’s a lot you may not know. And when it’s hot this summer, you need to ensure things stay cool and food stays safe. We’ve got two tips to help keep your system cool this summer.

Tip #1: Set the Right Temperature

Knowing the optimal settings for commercial refrigeration systems is essential. The government standard for keeping foods safe is 40°, however, you can create a safety buffer by setting your unit to 38°. A slightly lower setting allows for adjustments due to frequent door opening and other factors that can swing the temperature upward. Remember, if food sits at any temperature above 40° two hours or more, bacteria can set in, and you must discard it.

Tip #2: Don’t Skip Preventative Maintenance

Best practices for your commercial refrigeration system include regular maintenance by a professional. While basic cleaning is vital to daily operation and food freshness, system maintenance is critical to proper equipment function. Maintenance should include cleaning the coils, checking fluid levels, clearing the discharge lines, ensuring the fan runs smoothly and without obstructions, routine lubrication of moving parts, and cleaning, calibrating, and inspecting the other system components. A thorough service before the summer heat sets in ensures the system will run as effectively and efficiently as possible through the hottest of the summer weather. It also allows your technician to catch and repair small issues before they become big problems.

For more tips on peak commercial refrigeration system operation even in the heat of summer, contact the pros at Wilson’s Refrigeration and Air.

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