2 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality This Spring

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Thinking about how to improve your home’s indoor air quality this spring? Sneezing and allergy flare-ups don’t necessarily have to be part of welcoming the season. By giving special attention to improving your home’s air quality, you may find you can breathe easier and enjoy a healthier indoor environment for you and everyone in your household.

Here are two easy ways to clear the air and make your indoor air quality the best it can be:

#1: Change Your HVAC Air Filter

Regularly changing the air filter in your heating and cooling system is one of the easiest ways to make a difference in your home’s air quality. When you neglect the air filter, it can become dirty and clogged with dust and debris, preventing it from functioning properly. As a result, the system cannot do its job, and you will have dust and allergens circulating throughout your home’s air. Switching out the filter once a month with a fresh filter will significantly improve the air quality.

#2: Install a Whole-Home Air Purification System

Reduce the common allergy triggers and eliminate illness from air pollutants with a whole-home in-duct air purification system. Take advantage of the latest technology to destroy bacteria, mold spores, viruses, chemicals, and odors throughout your home. You can easily integrate the air purifier into your existing heating and cooling system.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance with Wilson’s Refrigeration & Air

By scheduling reliable, professional preventative maintenance for your HVAC, you’ll know you are doing everything possible to keep your home’s indoor air quality optimal. The team at Wilson’s Refrigeration & Air will be there twice a year to keep your system running at peak performance. We can also change air filters and install a whole-home air purification system to decrease allergens in your home. Contact our team at Wilson’s Refrigeration & Air online to improve your home’s indoor air quality this spring.

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