3 Positive Things to Expect When You Switch to a Smart Commercial Thermostat

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Maintenance agreements address various routine maintenance tasks that your HVAC needs. One such task is examining the thermostat. A thermostat that doesn’t work right can ruin a perfect or otherwise properly functioning HVAC system. One way to improve the thermostat is to upgrade to a smart thermostat. Besides being able to take advantage of the newest technology for your commercial HVAC, there are several other benefits to having a smart thermostat. Let’s take a look at three:

1.Lower Energy Bills

The primary reason for making the switch to a smart thermostat is to save money on your heating and cooling costs. While smart thermostats require an upfront investment, you can quickly recoup the cost of one with the money you will save on your lower energy bills. These savings come from the smart thermostat’s ability to maintain your desired indoor temperature more efficiently, so you aren’t heating or cooling an empty office or room unnecessarily.

2.Increased Convenience

One of the neat things about smart thermostats is that they are… well… smart! Every time you or someone else adjusts the thermostat to change a temperature setting, the smart thermostat will remember the activity. Over time, it will learn the preferences of the employees and adjust accordingly. This means no more wasted time standing in front of the thermostat programming it each season when the weather changes and you switch from heater to air conditioner or vice versa.

3.Remote Adjustments

Smart thermostats have a wireless connection to the Internet. This allows users to adjust the temperature when they are away from the thermostat and out of the office. As long as the user has an Internet connection, they can make changes to the thermostat as if they are standing right in front of it. This is ideal for business owners and managers who travel often.

To discover other advantages of maintenance agreements as well as smart thermostats, get in touch with our team of commercial HVAC experts at Wilson Refrigeration and A/C Service today.

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