3 Reasons You Need a Smart Thermostat

Why you need a smart thermostat

If you’re like most people, you’re wondering how to save on your heating bill after the last few cold months. What the pros will tell you is to invest in a smart thermostat. Here are three reasons you’ll be glad you did.

#1: Save Money

Installing a smart thermostat is one of the best and easiest ways to save money every month on your energy bill. The average heating bill in the winter and cooling bill in the summer can drop by up to 30% simply by upgrading the thermostat. With real-time energy use information, programmable settings that work for every lifestyle, and the ability to change the temperature via a WIFI setting, you’ll see a difference on your energy bill right out of the gate.

#2: A More Comfortable Home

Do you have hot and cool rooms in your home? Are there times when you know you set the temperature but still feel too hot or too cold? It could be your thermostat. Older models don’t have the programming capabilities of the new smart technology. You can adjust the temperature throughout the hour, day, week, or month to suit your preferences and schedule. With minute-to-minute automatic temperature monitoring, it will adjust your HVAC system to keep your home more consistently comfortable.

#3: Use Less Energy

In addition to saving money every month, using less energy is a worthwhile goal. With the costs increasing, not only to our wallets but also to the planet, using less is good for everyone. A smart thermostat is the best way to control your energy use regarding your HVAC system.

Saving money on your heating bill is just the start of the benefits of upgrading your old thermostat. Contact Wilson’s Refrigeration and Air today to learn more about installing a smart thermostat to make a difference in your home.

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