3 Spooky Things That Can Damage Your HVAC Unit

Scary things may lurk inside your HVAC unit, but maintenance agreements can help keep them at bay. While dressing up and spooking your friends is fun, you don’t want to know all the frightening creatures hiding inside your air conditioner.

  1. Cobwebs, Dust, and Debris

No, cobwebs don’t only exist in dark basements, they can also form inside your HVAC system. As air travels through the ductwork, dust and debris may follow. Too many cobwebs will negatively affect your indoor air quality. If you don’t want the inside of your ducts looking like something out of a horror movie, then be sure to change the air filter every month.

2. Toe of Crow and Tail of Rat

Your AC is the ideal nesting spot for all types of rodents, such as rats, mice, and even squirrels. Unless you’re hoping to brew up a spell, there’s no reason to let these scary rodents destroy your HVAC system. If you don’t clean your air conditioner and evict these critters, you may end up with chewed up hoses, rusted vents, and a huge repair bill.

3. Jack-O’-Lanterns and Creepy Vines

Overgrown shrubs may damage your outdoor AC condenser. As vines make their way into the unit, they will destroy everything in their path. You may experience restricted airflow due to a jammed fan or buried coil. If you want to increase the lifespan of your air conditioner, keep the landscaping around your system to a minimum.

Don’t let your AC play a trick on you this Halloween. Wilson’s Refrigeration & Air can help you keep your system working all year long. With 30 years of experience under our belt, we know how to banish these ghouls for good. Contact us online to learn how our maintenance agreements will prevent spooky things in your HVAC unit.

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