3 Terrible AC Mistakes That Kill Your HVAC System

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Many homeowners are unknowingly committing errors with their AC that could shorten the lifespan of their HVAC system. You’ve made a significant investment in your HVAC system. Knowing how to treat your AC right will ensure you get as many years of functionality as possible (and can also help you avoid costly repairs). 

Here are the top three AC mistakes homeowners make that you can avoid to keep your system healthy:

Mistake #1: Not Changing the Air Filters

It seems like a simple task but changing the air filters regularly helps your HVAC system do its job. When you neglect the filters, they can become clogged and dirty, blocking the airflow, which puts a lot of stress on the system components to meet your thermostat’s temperature setting. A good rule of thumb is to replace the air filter every 90 days. 

Mistake #2: Putting Too Much Stress on the AC

In addition to neglecting air filters, there are other practices that can put undue stress on your HVAC system when running the air conditioning. For example, opening windows or leaving doors open allows the hot air inside and lets the climate-controlled air out, making the AC run too hard to keep up. 

Another problematic issue is letting the home get too humid. High humidity also causes the AC to run more than it should. Installing a dehumidifier will keep the environment more comfortable while supporting the AC.

Mistake #3: Not Scheduling HVAC Maintenance

Like with any machine or even your car, regular maintenance keeps your HVAC system functioning optimally and prolongs the system’s lifespan. By scheduling regular HVAC maintenance with the professionals, your system can get the tune-ups and repairs necessary to keep your home cool while ensuring you don’t need a premature HVAC system replacement.Reach out to Wilson’s Refrigeration and Air to give your AC the TLC it needs this season and to protect your overall HVAC system.

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