3 Things Nobody Tells You About HVAC Systems in the Summer

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How is your HVAC system running this summer? It’s when your system works the hardest, so it’s not uncommon for it to take a beating. Don’t get caught off guard. Take a look at three things nobody tells you about your HVAC systems in the summer.

#1: You Need to Change the Filter

Most people know they should change the air filter on their HVAC system regularly. Did you know you should change it more frequently in the summer? That’s one thing nobody tells you. With more dust, pollen, and mold present in the summer months, changing your air filter more often will help your HVAC work better. It can also improve your indoor air quality.

#2: Programming Makes a Huge Difference

A smart thermostat has many options for programming. This is even more helpful in the summer than in the winter. Nobody tells you that you should take full advantage of all of your programming features to save money on your summer air conditioning. Don’t mess with it manually, let the programming take care of the temperature for you.

#3: Don’t Skip the Service Call

Regular maintenance can make or break your HVAC systems in the summer. Not only will a service call in the spring prep your system for summer cooling, but it will also help keep it running longer and stronger. With cleaning, calibrating, inspecting, and lubricating, your HVAC technician can help ensure your system keeps running all summer long.

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