3 Tips on How to Fix Temperature Fluctuations in Your Home

Woman adjusts thermostat in her home.

Are you tired of experiencing inconvenient temperature fluctuations throughout your home? One room is cold, while the other is too warm. You know that’s not right, but why is it happening and what can you do about it?

This issue is typically a result of insufficient insulation in certain rooms, sunlight coming through the windows, or the room’s distance from the heating and cooling system. Here are three tips to fix the problem so you can experience more consistent comfort in your home:

#1: Add drapes, blinds, or shutters to the windows.

If you stand in front of your window, you may notice a lot of heat or cold is in the area. Insulating drapes, blinds, or shutters can provide more insulation to the window, so it doesn’t impact the room’s temperature as drastically.

#2: Make sure nothing is covering the vents.

Placing furniture or rugs over vents can keep the HVAC from delivering climate-controlled air to the room. Double-check all vents to ensure they are free and clear so they can function optimally. You may find that moving a bed so that it doesn’t cover a vent is enough to restore the right temperature to the room.

#3: Use ceiling fans or floor-standing fans to circulate air during extreme temperatures.

During the hottest months of the year, take advantage of ceiling fans or floor fans. Using them will keep the air circulating, which can encourage more consistent temperatures in the home.

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