3 Ways to Get Ahead of Indoor Allergens

Millions of Americans have asthma or respiratory allergies, and for them, even a little dust is sometimes enough to make breathing a challenge. If anyone in your family suffers from allergies, you’ll need to go on the offensive to remove allergens from the house. Here are three ways to get them under control.

#1. Indoor Air Quality Systems

One of the most powerful ways to get ahead of indoor allergens is to invest in dedicated systems to improve the quality of air in your home. Some of the air quality systems we install are:

  • Air Purifiers and Cleaners: These systems fight allergens directly by filtering dust, bacteria and other particles out of the air.
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators: Replacing indoor air with clean outdoor air has the side benefit of removing indoor allergens. Ventilators are designed to let fresh air into your house without undermining your air conditioners.
  • Humidifiers: Maintaining a good humidity level makes it much easier for people with asthma and allergies to breathe. As a bonus, a good humidifier will extend the lifespan of your wooden furniture.

#2. Duct Inspection

If your home’s duct system is clean, it will continue to circulate clean air throughout the house. Conversely, dust, debris and mold in the ducts can distribute allergens to every living space. Leaky ducts can also cause problems with indoor air quality and energy loss, as well. Be sure to get air ducts inspected periodically.

#3. Air Conditioning Maintenance

Maintaining the systems that blow air directly into your living spaces goes a long way toward improving the quality of that air. At minimum, make sure you change or clean your air filters every one to three months. If your air conditioner uses disposable filters, get your replacements from a factory authorized dealer to ensure that they’re made to fit. If you have a reusable filter, make sure you let it air dry completely after washing.

To really get ahead of allergens, you’ll need to have your forced-air systems professionally maintained. At Wilson’s Refrigeration & A/C Service, we’re proud to offer maintenance agreements to our friends and neighbors in the Chapin, SC, area. Give us a call to learn more.

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