4 Furnace Noises and What to Do to Stop Those Spooky Sounds

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You should expect some noise from most heating units, but when those furnace noises go beyond gentle humming, you may need to get it checked out professionally or do a little troubleshooting of your own. We’ve identified four furnace noises you may hear and what you can do to stop those spooky sounds.

Whining or Squealing Noises

High-pitched noises, such as whining or squealing, can be the result of several things:

  • The shaft bearings need oiling.
  • The blower motor is malfunctioning and needs repair or replacement.
  • The blower belt may be fraying, loose or slipping.

An HVAC technician can easily and quickly identify these issues.

Metal Scraping on Metal

If your furnace emits a sound like metal rubbing on metal, the cause could be major or minor:

  • A broken motor mount can cause the entire blower assembly to drop onto the housing, causing metal on metal noises.
  • A broken blower wheel in need of replacement makes this sound.
  • A blower wheel that has become loose from the motor shaft can hit the blower casing, causing such noises. If caught early it may simply need tightening by a professional.

Pop or Bang When Furnace Comes On

Metal air ducts that expand and contract make such noises when the blower turns on and off. By opening all ducts and ensuring the air filter is not clogged, you may be able to eliminate such noises. Dirty furnace burners can also cause such sounds in your furnace, but regular maintenance can prevent it.

Clicking Sounds

When your furnace makes clicking sounds, there could be an issue between the gas and the ignition or a defective flame sensor. An HVAC service is always necessary to resolve these issues.

Regular maintenance before the start of heating season is key to keeping your furnace running well and quietly. Schedule your Wilson Refrigeration & A/C Service preventative maintenance call now and say goodbye to concerning furnace noises.

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