4 Signs That a New HVAC System Should be on Your Christmas List

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Is a new HVAC system on your Christmas list? It’s not generally the most desired gift of the season, and it hardly ever makes it on Oprah’s list of favorite things, but maybe it should be. Check this list of signs to replace your HVAC this holiday season.

  1. Age – if your system is older than ten years, it’s time to put a new system on the Christmas wish list. Most HVAC systems last between 10 and 12 years. Anything older than will not be efficient and could have an outdated AC unit that uses freon coolant instead of a newer and more environmentally friendly coolant.
  2. Doesn’t blow warm air – if your furnace blows warm-ish or cool air, it could be a sign it’s on its last leg. When the heating system isn’t working effectively, it might be time to start shopping.
  3. Rising energy bills – have your utility bills been going up and up? It could mean your HVAC equipment can no longer run effectively or efficiently, costing you more each month and causing your home to be an energy over-user.
  4. Inconsistent temperatures – an older system will stop keeping your home consistently warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Consistently inconsistent temperatures are a sign you might need to replace your HVAC.

New HVAC installation for Christmas might sound like the perfect gift if you’re tired of unreliable heating and cooling. However, before you decide one way or the other, it’s critical to talk to an HVAC professional, get some guidance, and schedule an HVAC inspection to ensure your system is ready for replacement. Contact Wilson’s Refrigeration and Air for the heating and air conditioning professionals who can help you decide what Santa should bring this Christmas.

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