6 Useful Tips for Extending the HVAC System in Your Chapin Home

Air conditioners, furnaces and heat pumps are essential for indoor comfort. With Chapin’s hot, muggy summers and chilly winters, it makes sense to keep your HVAC in tiptop condition. Here are six ways to help your HVAC work smarter and live longer.

#1. Schedule Heating And Cooling Maintenance Annually

Any HVAC contractor will tell you that most heating and AC repairs result from poor maintenance. Your climate control system works 24/7 to deliver optimal indoor comfort. What would happen if you drove your car all day every day without service? Even a brand new vehicle would die an early death. Heating and cooling maintenance will cost you less than HVAC repair and replacement. Besides adding years to the life of your heating and cooling equipment and increasing its reliability, annual HVAC maintenance can:

  • Lower energy usage and utility bills by up to 30 percent
  • Reduce system breakdowns by up to 75 percent
  • Lower overall system maintenance and repair costs by 20 percent
  • Improve system performance and safety
  • Ensure consistent indoor comfort

#2. Change HVAC Air Filters Regularly

Air filters are essential for HVAC health. Besides freshening indoor air, filters catch airborne particles and keep them from getting into your HVAC equipment. Airborne particles can damage internal heating and cooling components. Clogged HVAC filters can reduce airflow, damage the motor and cause the system to stop working altogether. You should generally change filters every month, but some can be used longer than others. Be especially careful if you have pets. Pet fur can wreak havoc on HVAC equipment. If you have fur babies, you might want to change your air filters more often.

#3. Keep The Outdoor Unit Clean

It’s easy to forget about the outdoor component of your AC or heat pump. However, in order to live a long and useful life, it needs regular maintenance too. Keep the area around the unit clear of foliage and debris. Rinse the unit off periodically with a garden hose to prevent an accumulation of dirt.

#4. Check For AC Leaks

Check the outdoor unit for Freon leaks. If you notice an oily residue anywhere on the unit, schedule an HVAC service call immediately.

#5. Let Your HVAC System Rest

You can lessen HVAC wear and tear by following these practices:

  • Reduce heating and cooling usage when no one is home
  • Turn down the heat before going to sleep
  • On mild days, use the fan and open the windows instead of running the AC
  • Invest in a programmable thermostat

#6. Call The Professionals

Maintain your HVAC system and it’ll reward you with a long life and consistent performance. Wouldn’t you rather spend money on a fun vacation than on HVAC repairs or replacement? If so, call Wilson’s Refrigeration & A/C Service, Inc., for a HVAC tune-up. As a Factory Authorized Bryant Dealer, Wilson’s has been keeping Chapin, South Carolina, and the entire Midlands area consistently comfortable indoors for almost 30 years.

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