Do You Need an Air Purifier in The Summer?

summer allergies

People are more aware of their indoor air quality than ever before. Many homes and businesses have air purifiers to help clean the air and prevent the spread of illness. They’ve found is that they make for a healthier living and working environment overall. Now that the weather is warming up and people are gathering again, the question that comes up is whether you need an air purifier in the summer. The answer is yes. Read on to find out why.

Summer Allergies

Allergies for most people peak in the spring and linger all summer. With the abundance of pollen and other environmental allergens floating around outside and coming inside on shoes, clothes, and through open doors and vent systems, your house is an incubator for the things that bring on most people’s worst symptoms. That’s where an air purifier comes in. Most systems can filter up to 99.9% of small particles, including dust, pollen, and mold, making breathing easier in your home and reducing symptoms significantly.

Summer Pollutants and Contaminants

There aren’t necessarily more pollutants and contaminants present in the summer. However, because we close our homes up tight to keep the hot air out and the cool air in, they tend to stay inside where we continue to breathe them in. As a result, smog, industrial pollution, smoke, pet dander, household cleaners, and more can lead to allergy symptoms and health issues that can impact how you feel daily. An air purification system filters out those pollutants and contaminants, leaving you in a healthier, cleaner, safer home.

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