How Humidifiers and Other Indoor Air Quality Products Help Your Home

There are many aspects to consider in monitoring and moderating your indoor air quality through the year. Seasonal issues can affect humidity in your air supply. With 76 percent humidity on average in Pomaria, moisture management can be a challenge, especially with major fluctuations throughout the year. The efficiency of your home can play a role in dealing with greater levels of indoor air pollution. In some cases, it’s difficult to identify the exact issues that ‘ll improve the air your loved ones breathe. However, there are many tools to consider for targeting specific IAQ issues.

Air Humidifiers

Winter humidity levels tend to drop quite a bit because of colder air. Indoor humidity levels are even because of to the operation of heating equipment, which can draw much of the moisture out of the indoor airstream. If you operate a gas furnace, this condition can be even more dramatic. You may notice that your skin is extremely dry or that you deal with a lot of static electricity. Some of the more serious conditions that can result include dry mucous membranes, an issue that can lead to compromised immune responses to winter illnesses. If you monitor your indoor humidity with a hygrometer and consistently fall below 20 percent RH, you may want to consider installing a humidifier to work with your system. There are several types of air humidifiers to consider, including:

  • Steam – moisture is released as steam into your airstream.
  • Fan-powered – a fan operates, moving air through an evaporator pad to increase the RH of the air supply.
  • Bypass – the humidifier is installed so that circulating air moves directly over an evaporator pad as it continues through the ductwork.

An HVAC technician can provide information about the best choices based on your actual humidity readings and your system configuration.


Indoor air pollution can be traced to several factors. Tight sealing can result in poor ventilation, preventing pollutants from escaping. Products such as air fresheners introduce volatile organic compounds into the home, adding to pollution levels. Reliable ventilation may be an important factor in mitigating pollution levels if your home seems to be stuffy. Balanced ventilation is one of the most appropriate ways to facilitate a regular exchange of indoor and outdoor air. The use of an energy recovery ventilator is particularly helpful for recovering energy from the outgoing airstream to minimize impact on your energy bills.

Air Cleaners

An air purification unit is helpful for targeting particulates in the home. Bio-materials such as mold and germs can be trapped and neutralized with germicidal technology. This can be especially helpful during the winter months as colds and flu surge. Consider enhancing your indoor air quality with a purification system to ensure the healthiest environment possible for members of your household.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

As Wilson Refrigeration & A/C Service assists with your air quality concerns, we can provide IAQ testing to identify the primary concerns in your home. This ensures that the most serious problems can be addressed through relevant services or equipment. Our specialists are available to assist at your convenience. Call our Pomaria, SC, office to schedule an appointment today.

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