How Often Should I Have My HVAC Serviced?

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As a home or business owner, you understand that proper HVAC service and maintenance are crucial to getting the best performance and longest life possible from the system. But you may not be sure how often you should schedule professional service. Keep reading to get the insider information your local HVAC experts think you should know.

Twice a Year Service Gets Both the AC and Furnace Ready

Scheduling service before you plan to use your HVAC is the best way to get it ready to operate optimally when you need it most. Experts and manufacturers recommend a professional HVAC maintenance visit in the spring before you will need to use the air conditioning and then again in the fall before you need to use the furnace.

For best results, schedule your maintenance service well in advance and avoid trying to set up appointments during the peak season. Doing this can help you avoid the worst-case scenario: a malfunctioning system on one of the hottest or coldest days of the year!

Who Should You Choose for Your HVAC Service?

When calling to schedule your twice-yearly HVAC service, look for a company with attentive customer service and a reputation for excellence in your community. Ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations. While you may find dozens of companies in your area, not all HVAC companies are equal. Choosing a reputable, reliable company will put your mind at ease and ensure the best services for your heating and cooling system.

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