How to Show Love for Your HVAC Equipment while Putting Money in Your Pocket

Well-maintained HVAC system with dual units outside of a house.

Taking care of your HVAC equipment is an investment that pays off. Learn the steps you can take to save money and get better performance out of your heating and air conditioning system.

If you are tired of spending money on continual HVAC repairs, there’s a better way. With the right preventative maintenance and HVAC services, you can put money in your pocket and achieve optimal performance from your heating and cooling system. Check out these five tips to show your HVAC equipment some love while protecting your bank account.

#1: Visually Inspect Your Outdoor Unit

It’s easy to keep your outdoor HVAC unit out of sight and out of mind, but it’s not the best way to take care of your system. Once a month, visually inspect the unit. Remove any leaves or overgrown vegetation so they do not obstruct the air flow. If you notice tree branches or bushes are getting too close for comfort, trim them back so your outdoor unit has approximately two feet of clear space on all sides. By taking this simple step, you will ensure your system operates optimally and prevent unnecessary (and costly) repairs.

#2: Hire Trusted Professionals for Repairs and Maintenance

To take the best care possible of your HVAC equipment, only trust the repairs and maintenance to qualified professionals. While a general handyman or your Uncle Bob may know a thing or two about heating and cooling systems, they don’t have the expert tools and knowledge necessary to catch the minor issues before they become expensive repairs.

#3: Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Contacting a reputable heating and cooling company for a preventative maintenance plan sets your HVAC system up for optimal performance all year long. At Wilson’s Air, we have the Wilson’s Maintenance Club to make it as hassle-free and affordable as possible to get the preventative maintenance your system needs. Choose from monthly or annual payments—whatever works best for your budget. Our multi-point inspections and priority service mean your HVAC will have all the TLC it needs to work its best without costing a small fortune to repair or replace.

Contact the friendly team at Wilsons’ Air today to save money and show some love to your HVAC equipment.

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