HVAC Inspections: Tricks or Treats?

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HVAC inspections are a frighteningly good idea. A common misconception is that they’re not worth the cost, that they’re just your HVAC company trying to ghost you out of some extra loot. So, are HVAC inspections tricks or treats? Let’s take a look.

When it’s a Trick

Heating and air conditioning service should never be a quick once over by an unlicensed technician. It should never be something you feel force or coerced into buying. And it should definitely not leave you feeling like you got duped.

Whet it’s a Treat

HVAC inspections and seasonal service should feel like you’re treating your equipment to the TLC it deserves. With a twice-yearly inspection, your heating and air conditioning will get the preventative maintenance it needs to keep running longer, more efficiently, with less chance of breaking down. A licensed HVAC technician will clean, inspect, test, calibrate, and lubricate the system to ensure there are no small issues that are going to become costly problems.

Wilson’s Offers Extra Goodies

When you sign up for a maintenance agreement with Wilson’s Refrigeration and Air, you’ll also get to take advantage of:

  • 10% off any necessary repairs at any time of the year
  • Priority service
  • 24/7 emergency response
  • Zero overtime charges for after-hours service

Before you brush off an HVAC inspection as another ghoulish attempt at getting an extra sale, take a look at all of the benefits that go along with taking care of your heating and cooling system. Want to know more? Contact the HVAC professionals at Wilson’s Refrigeration and Air.

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