Is There a Best Time to Buy an HVAC System?

An air conditioning repairman working on a compressor unit.

Discover the best time to replace your HVAC system for the lowest price.

Even the best heating and air conditioning equipment won’t last forever. It pays to have a plan for when it’s time to replace it. The majority of homeowners wait until they experience a total system failure to take the leap. If you leave your choices up to emergencies, you could wind up wasting thousands of dollars. Find out the best time to buy with help from Wilson’s Refrigeration & Air.

Replace Your HVAC Equipment Before It Fails

The key to getting the best price on your new heating and cooling system is purchasing one before your current unit fails. You won’t be under pressure to have the job done immediately, and you’ll have the time you need to compare your options. At the same time, we know you want to get the longest life out of your existing equipment. So, how do you know your system needs replacing?

Here are a few signs you need to start shopping for new air conditioning and heating equipment:

  • Your energy bills have spiked. While a maintenance visit in spring can help your HVAC unit run at top efficiency, you can only slow the sands of time for so long. Eventually, your system will require more energy to get the job done. Fortunately, this also means you’ll lower your monthly energy bill as soon as you install your new unit.
  • You’ve had to make several recent repairs. As time goes on, components weaken and wear out. If you find yourself making repeat repairs, it makes sense to get a quote for a total system replacement. 
  • You’re nearing the end of your system’s expected life-of-use. The U.S. Department of Energy says an air conditioner should last roughly 10 years, while a furnace will last 15 years with proper maintenance. If you’re getting close, it makes sense to have its efficiency evaluated by a professional.

Getting ahead of emergency repairs gives you the best chance at affordable, convenient HVAC installation and repairs. When in doubt, ask your Wilson’s tech about the best time to replace your heating and air conditioning equipment.

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