Must-Haves in a Commercial Kitchen: Ice Machines to Walk-in Freezers


Are you building out your first commercial kitchen, or is your existing commercial kitchen in need of an upgrade? Don’t forget to add ice machines and walk-in freezers to your wish list. Here’s what you need to know:

Commercial Ice Machines

An ice machine is not something you can do without in a commercial kitchen. Anything smaller would leave you high and dry in short order. When shopping for the right machine, it’s important to consider size first. Too big and you’ll be using excess energy, too small, and you’ll risk running out of ice during peak periods. Take a look at your estimated ice use and then add 20%. This is a reasonable buffer to make sure you never run out of ice.

Commercial Walk-In Freezers

Even if you have a small to medium eatery or food prep business, you could benefit greatly from a walk-in freezer. Trying to make do with something smaller or a refrigerator/freezer combo could put your product at risk and leave you looking for more space.

Commercial freezers provide lots of storage space so you can sort and organize your frozen products. It also gives you that extra bit of room you need during busy seasons such as the holidays. You’ll also have increased food longevity because of the more consistent temperature control in a walk-in cold room.

No kitchen is complete without the right equipment. You wouldn’t try to feed people without a stove, don’t try to get by without the right ice machine or walk-in freezer. To get the best prices and most reliable installation for your commercial kitchen, contact the experts at Wilson’s Refrigeration and Air.

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