My Commercial Refrigerator Is Leaking Water: What Now? 

leaking commercial refrigerator

Ugh—your commercial refrigerator is leaking! There’s never a good time for that. But, while maintenance issues are inevitable, it doesn’t mean they must take up inordinate amounts of time. Here is a three-step guide you can use to quickly identify why you have a leaky commercial fridge and determine what to do about it.

Step #1: Check the refrigerator’s drain.

A blocked drain is the most common cause of refrigerator leaks. Fortunately, this is an issue that is typically easy to resolve. Always be sure to unplug your unit before beginning any maintenance tasks. Locate the drain hose beneath your refrigerator. Are there food particles, ice, or any other blockages present? If so, remove the valve at the end of the hose, flush the hose with warm water, and reinstall the valve. 

Step #2: Check the drain pan.

If the drain on your commercial refrigerator was not blocked, there might be an issue with the drain pan. Does the drain pan show signs of wear, such as cracks or rust? If so, you may need to replace the pan to keep the unit from leaking. On a side note, if the refrigerator is not level, water may build up on one side of the pan and eventually spill out.

Step #3: Check the ice maker or water line.

When tracing a leak back to its source, it is critical to look over all the places water typically moves throughout the unit. A loose or damaged water line may be the culprit. Again, unplug the fridge, turn off the water supply, and inspect the water line closely for damage.  

Let Wilson’s Put a Stop to Your Leaky Commercial Fridge

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