Safety Tips for Using Space Heaters at Home or the Office

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A portable space heater can be incredibly useful to heat small areas that could use additional warmth. However, they can easily start a fire if they’re used improperly.

Space Heater Safety Tips

If you decide that a space heater is necessary, it’s important to make sure that:

  • The space heater is never placed in an enclosed area or under a desk.
  • The space heater remains supervised when it is in operation.
  • The space heater is only plugged into a wall and never an extension cord.
  • The space heater remains checked and monitored. If the heater is missing feet, control knobs, or guards, it must cease operation.
  • The space heater is operating in a room that is frequently occupied.
  • The space heater is operated in a room that has the windows and doors closed. This helps prevent freeze-ups of the heater.
  • The space heater is placed away from paths of travel, walkways, and exit ways.
  • The space heater is not placed in a wet area (such as a kitchen or a bathroom).
  • The space heater is not in use if a small child is in the area.

Since space heaters come with a lot of responsibility, it’s incredibly important to contact professionals if you need additional assistance. If you live in the Midlands area, contact Wilson’s Refrigeration today so we can help you keep warm and safe all winter.

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