The A-List Way of Reducing Your Summer HVAC Bill

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Is your summer HVAC bill out of control? You can’t give up your AC, so what can you do? Take a look at the a-list way to reduce your summer cooling bill.

Change Your Filter

Your air filter helps protect your cooling system from dust and debris. When it gets dirty, it can also prevent proper airflow. A dirty or clogged filter means your HVAC system works overtime to circulate air, leading to excess energy use and higher utility bills. Change it regularly to cut your HVAC costs.

Don’t Neglect the TLC

Your heating and cooling need attention and TLC to keep running right. Did you know regular maintenance can also cut your cooling costs? When your system runs well, is well lubricated, with properly running belts, motors, and other components, it will use less energy. When it uses less energy, you spend less on your monthly utility bills.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

If you’re not using a programmable or smart thermostat, you’re using more energy on your cooling than you should. Programming your temperature settings so you only use your AC when you need it can significantly reduce your energy use.

Consider a System Update

If your HVAC system is getting up there in years, it could be time to consider an update. Older systems are less effective and considerably less efficient. If your equipment is approaching the 15-20-year mark, you could considerably cut your HVAC costs by installing a new high-efficiency unit.

Your dedicated team of HVAC professionals at Wilson’s Refrigeration and Air can help you reduce your cooling costs. Contact them today for information on updates, upgrades, and other ways to save money keeping your house cool.

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