3 Ways to Know it’s Time for a New HVAC System

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Is it time for a new HVAC system for your house? Unless you’re an HVAC professional, it can be hard to know for sure. But with these three things to look out for, we can help make it easier to know if a new heating and cooling system is in your future.

#1: Inconsistent Temperatures

Hot spots and cool spots in your home can be frustrating. You never really know where to set the thermostat so your whole house is comfortable. When you have inconsistent temperatures, it could be a sign that your HVAC system is nearing the end of its life. New equipment can help resolve this problem.

#2: Your Bills Keep Going Up and Up

If your energy bills keep going up, no matter how much you try to conserve, it could be a sign you are due for an upgraded HVAC system. Older models are not nearly as energy-efficient and newer versions of the same thing, and as they continue to age, their energy efficiency continues to decline. If your bills are going up, it’s time to talk about an upgrade.

#3: The Age of the Equipment

Typical air conditioning units and furnaces should last approximately 15 years. If yours is reaching that milestone, its performance could be less than ideal. As the systems age, they start to become less effective, and definitely less efficient. Before you find yourself paying the high cost of repetitive repairs as your heating and air conditioning hit their golden years, consider replacing them with a more effective and energy-efficient version.

If your heating and cooling system is not performing like it used to, it could be time to upgrade. For everything you need to know about a new HVAC system, contact the experts at Wilson’s Refrigeration and Air today.

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