Walk-In Refrigerator or Freezer: How to Control Odors

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Your walk-in refrigerator or freezer needs to be clean, effective, and without any unpleasant odors. If your commercial refrigeration systems are less than fresh, you can’t just hold your nose and ignore it. If there’s a bad smell, there’s probably a problem. Here’s how to find and control those odors.

Bad odors are a bad sign in your commercial refrigeration system. If cleaning and odor absorption don’t do the trick, it is time for an inspection and service. If you have mold or bacteria in the cooling elements or there’s an issue with the motor, condensate drains, compressor, refrigerant, or any other functional components, it requires service or repair.

Your walk-in refrigerator and freezer are vital to your commercial kitchen operation. If there’s a bad odor you can’t explain or resolve with some simple steps, don’t take a chance and wait for a total breakdown. Instead, call the team of professionals from Wilson’s Refrigeration and Air today to schedule your commercial refrigeration inspection.

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