Ways an Air Purification System Can Scare Away Fall Allergies

cat hair causing girl to sneeze

Did you know that your heating and air conditioning system could be to blame for your fall allergies? Often, the air inside a house contains more contaminants than the air outside. If your seasonal allergies are in full swing, then an air purification system may provide you with some much-needed relief. Here’s how:

Traps Dust, Pollen, and Dander

The air around you is full of microscopic contaminants that you cannot see. Pollen, dust, and even pet hair may cause an allergy attack. An air purifier helps to trap and eliminate these particles. The system then circulates clean air back into the room. What does this mean for you? With these allergens removed, you won’t sneeze nearly as much.

Stops Mold in Its Tracks

Just because you can’t see mold spores doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Mold is also a notorious allergy trigger. If fall allergies leave you with watery eyes and a runny nose, then an air purifier is what you need to help stop these symptoms. While a basic filter merely catches mold in the air, a purifier actually kills up to 99% of airborne spores. You’ll be able to breathe easy once again.

Kills Surface Viruses

Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish between allergies and a cold. They both have similar symptoms. If you have any viruses lingering in your home, an air purification unit will destroy them. Special zinc ions kill 99% of surfaces germs, leaving you with a clean, healthy home.

You shouldn’t let seasonal allergies put a damper on your fall routine. Wilson’s Refrigeration & Air can help you scare away pollutants and air contaminants with a total-home air purification system. Talk to our team of professionals today to improve the indoor air quality of your heating and air conditioning system.

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