Why a Geothermal System Is the Key to Lowering Your Electricity Bill

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Homeowners looking for a high-quality heating and air conditioning unit often turn to geothermal systems as a way of increasing their efficiency. In fact, getting a geothermal unit installed in your home can save you an exponential amount of money on your electrical bills. For those who are sick of paying through the roof for utilities, this is a major benefit. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a geothermal system. (This system also qualifies for federal tax credits. See dealer for details)

The Level of Heating and Air Conditioning Savings

The savings of geothermal systems may surprise the average homeowner. In fact, many studies show that the savings can be significant enough to pay for the system itself over the life of the system. For example, one study found that switching to geothermal could save up to 50 percent on a household’s heating bill. (Savings may vary)

However, you may be able to save even more money during fall and winter, since your unit sees heavy use during those times and thus, provides even greater efficiency than the day-to-day use does.

Why Do They Save You So Much Money?

Before deciding on this type of system, it is a good idea to understand how they work. Geothermal systems tap into the never changing temperature from just below the surface. Instead of exchanging the heat into 90o air in the summer, it uses the soil, which stays around 60o. This allows for an easier exchange of energy and higher efficiencies for your HVAC system.

Conservative estimates say a geothermal unit produces heat at a rate of four times its usage. As a result, those who install these systems and use them properly can save nearly 70 percent on their electrical bills every year.

Getting the System Installed

Installation can come with all sorts of bells and whistles; whatever works for you is probably available! You can also pair your system with programmable thermostat to adjust heat levels when you aren’t around for the ultimate level of home comfort.

These smart thermostats are a great choice because they can further increase the efficiency of your home’s heating and air conditioning design. Talk to an HVAC expert from our team at Wilson Refrigeration & A/C Service today to learn more about the many benefits of geothermal energy and programmable thermostats.

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