Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

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During the coldest month of the year, the last thing you want is cold air blowing from your furnace vents instead of warm. There are some common causes. Here are the top three to look for.

#1: Check the Pilot Light

The pilot light works by igniting the fuel in your furnace system, which then heats the air blown out through the vents. If the pilot light is out or damaged, it can’t work to make warm air, and you get cold air instead. Wilson’s licensed HVAC technicians can safely relight the pilot and help get the warm air flowing again.

#2: Dirty or Clogged Air Filter

Your air filter traps dust and dirt and prevents it from damaging your furnace. If it gets dirty and clogged, the heating system must work overtime to do the same job. If the filter is dirty enough and air can’t flow through it, it can result in cold air instead of warm. Swapping out the air filter for a clean one could help. Wilson’s experts can help you determine the most efficient filter for your system.  

#3: Your Thermostat is Set Wrong

Most thermostats have a few settings, including off, auto, and on. If the setting on the thermostat is on, the air will constantly blow even if the heat isn’t running. When this happens, the air can feel cold instead of warm. Turn the switch back to auto, and it should resolve the problem. It may also be time for you to upgrade your thermostat. Call Wilson’s for advice on the best options on the market and get back control of the temperature of your home.

No one wants a furnace that blows cold air in the middle of winter. If your heating system isn’t delivering warm air, it’s time to contact the pros at Wilson’s Air.

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