Why Should I be Running My A/C at All During the Winter?

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Your heating and air conditioning system keeps you comfortable all year. Even in the winter, you could be using both. But should you? Here’s what you need to know about running your HVAC system in the winter months.

Saving Money

One thing on everyone’s mind is saving money. With our HVAC systems being one of the biggest users of energy in the average home, it’s important to find a way to increase energy efficiency. One way is to adjust the temperature to keep your house a little cooler, so your heat runs less. Another way is to upgrade to a smart thermostat, so you have more control over your comfort level and energy use.

Comfort Level

Is your ideal comfort level on the warm side or the cool side? If you like it warm, you might bump up the thermostat to the mid-to-upper 70s during the winter. If you like it cooler, you can lower it to the 60s and feel just fine. Some people might even run their air conditioner during the winter. This is a-okay if it’s what keeps you comfortable. While the average indoor temperature hovers between 70° and 75°, whether you run the heat or the AC in the winter is all about personal preference.

Whether you like it warm and cozy or nice and cool in your home during the winter, your HVAC system can keep you comfortable. While that could mean running your heat or your air conditioner, no matter the weather, we’ve got you covered for all of your HVAC service and maintenance needs to keep it running as it should. Contact Wilson’s Refrigeration and Air for all of your heating and cooling needs.

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