You Need a Heat Pump in Your Home: Here’s Why

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A heat pump has so many benefits, it’s hard to know where to start. If you’re considering different HVAC options, a heat pump could be just the ticket. Here’s why you just might need one in your home.

Increase Your Energy Efficiency

Traditional home heating systems use fuel, such as natural gas or electricity, to heat and cool your home. Instead of generating hot and cool air to keep your home comfortable, heat pumps move geothermal heat from the ground into your home to heat it, and they move heat from inside your home outside to cool it. By transferring heat, you can use up to 50% less energy keeping your house comfortable.

Lower Maintenance

Because much of a geothermal system lies safely underground, it requires less maintenance than a typical heating or cooling system. Some of the equipment requires annual inspection, but it’s significantly less than a furnace or central air conditioner.

Heat and Cool with One System

You don’t have to have a furnace and an air conditioner if you have a heat pump. The one system will do both. It can transfer hot air out of your home to cool it in the summer and in the winter will pull the heat from below the ground and transfer it into your home to keep it warm.

Are you still curious about a heat pump and if it’s the right choice for your home? The experts at Wilson’s Refrigeration and Air can help you decide. Contact them today.

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