3 Benefits of Installing a Home Generator

None of us relishes the thought of going without electricity, even for a few hours. But if you’re still asking yourself if you should install a generator in your home, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together the top three benefits of a home generator.

#1: Comfort

Plain and simple, the number one benefit of installing a home generator is maintaining the comfort of your home. When the power is out, keeping the air conditioning or the heat running, allowing the washer and dryer to function, keeping your food cold, and being able to cook are not just luxuries, they’re essential. Staying comfortable and maintaining your daily life when the power is out is possible with a generator.

#2: Safety

If the electricity goes out for an hour, you don’t have to worry about safety. However, it’s a different story if the power goes out for several hours or even several days. From trip and fall hazards to loss of power for communication, medical devices, or the refrigerator leading to a lack of access to fresh food, losing power can become a real safety issue. A generator helps to keep you safe until you’re back on the grid.

#3: Prevents Future Issues

If the power goes out in the winter during a cold snap and you can’t keep the pipes warm, they could freeze. Frozen pipes often mean ruptured pipes, a flooded home, water damage, and costly repairs. In the summer, a power outage means spoiled food, damage to HVAC systems from power surges, and issues with electronics and other items that rely on continuous power.

With all the benefits of a home generator and very few drawbacks, investing in one when you live in South Carolina makes sense. Reach out to the Wilson’s Refrigeration and Air team to learn more about the protection a home generator can provide you and your family.

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