Affordable and Functional Refrigeration Products for Businesses

woman at grocery store refrigerator

Any business that prepares or serves food must have affordable and functional refrigeration products. What does your business have and is it working for you? You might want to consider some of these products that can help keep your food safe and your business humming along.

Ice Machines

You can’t serve beverages without an ice machine because no one wants room temperature drinks. Ice machines are critical to your food business not only if you serve cocktails and soft drinks but also if you need to chill wine, beer, or other drinks in a cooler or ice bin.

Reach-In Coolers

Not every restaurant or food vendor needs a reach-in refrigerator, but they’re indispensable if yours has self-serve products. Whether you have drinks and refrigerated snacks, ice cream, or other frozen treats, a reach-in cooler is a great way to upsell self-serve and point-of-sale food products.

Walk-In Coolers

Walk-in coolers are flexible and customizable for any restaurant, bar, or foodservice business. Not only are they essential for a commercial kitchen for safe and convenient food storage, but you can use them to boost your business when food sales are slow. A beer cave is a great example of how to increase your income from underutilized floor space. Affordable and functional refrigeration products are a must-have for your foodservice business. If you’re in the market for new products, an upgrade, or ways to enhance your income stream, it’s time for some help from the pros. Contact the expert team at Wilson’s Refrigeration and Air to find out how they can help you find just what you need.

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