How to Prep Your Air Conditioning System for Summer

industrial builder installing ventilation or air conditioning filter holder in ceiling

The hottest months of the year are approaching quickly, which is why maintenance agreements for your heating and air conditioning system are of the utmost importance. If you already have a plan in place with a reputable HVAC company, you can sit back and relax, knowing your AC is going to be prepped and ready to go. If you don’t, it’s time to consider the benefits.

Preventative measures through a maintenance agreement will ensure your system runs properly all summer while you stay cool. Without a plan, you will need to make sure you take measures on your own to avoid a system failure on the hottest day of the year!

Here are some of the steps to get your AC summer-ready:

#1: Filter Change

Air filters are easily some of the most overlooked features of your heating and air conditioning system. They need a little TLC after all those winter months gathering dust, pet hair, and other debris. Changing them regularly will help your HVAC system to run more effectively all summer long.

#2: Get Some Ventilation

You might take your vents for granted, but now is a good time to make sure they’re working right. Check all of your vents to ensure they are clean, and the air is flowing through them. If they remain closed throughout the summer, your air conditioning unit will work twice as hard, and your energy bill will climb higher than the temperature outside.

#3: Maintenance Check-Up

Your heating and air conditioning unit worked extremely hard keeping you warm and cozy this winter. After all those long, cold months, it now needs a regular maintenance check-up so it will be able to keep you cool all summer.

When you sign up for a maintenance agreement through Wilson’s, our professionals will provide a detailed report stating the condition your HVAC unit is in and how you can improve airflow and cooling while reducing energy costs. Connect with us online now to learn more about the perks of a maintenance agreement with Wilson’s Refrigeration and Air. We will ensure your system is ready to tackle the summer heat.

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