How to Prepare for a Commercial Refrigeration Service

commercial equipment repair

Every commercial kitchen has a commercial refrigerator, which means, at some point, it will require commercial refrigeration repair. When the time comes for a service call, there are some simple things you can do to prep to make it easier for you and the technician.

Make a Note of the Equipment Information

Find and make a note of the equipment brand, model, and serial number to have available when you call to schedule service. This will allow your repair company to prepare the correct parts for your refrigerator. Also, have any information on previous repairs available for reference.

Pay Attention to Timing

You never want to schedule service during your busiest times unless it’s an emergency repair. Take the pressure off yourself, your staff, and your technician by scheduling a time with the fewest number of customers and traffic to your business.

Make a List

Go through all the issues with your commercial refrigerator and make a list for the technician. Include as much detail as possible to help ensure you don’t forget anything and make diagnosing and repairing the problem easier. It will also help ensure they send the right technician for your unit and its issues.

Clean Before, Not During

Clean around the refrigerator before the service call to make access easier. Remove any obstacles that could make it difficult to access and complete the commercial equipment repair.

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