How to Unmask a Refrigerant Leak this Summer

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It’s summertime, it’s hot, and you rely on your air conditioner to keep your house nice and cool. But if your AC is not keeping up lately, it could be a refrigerant leak. The repair requires a professional HVAC technician, but there are some things you can look for to determine if that’s the reason for your less than comfortable house. We’re taking the mystery out of unmasking a refrigerant leak this summer.

More Warm Air, Less Cool Air

The first sign of a refrigerant leak is a lack of cooling from your air conditioner. If it runs and runs and the house still isn’t cool, that’s an indication the refrigerant could be low. When the coolant runs low, it could mean a leak.

Warm Air Instead of Cool Air

When your house warms up instead of cooling down, you might notice that the air blowing through the vents is warm instead of cool. When the refrigerant is low, the system can’t cool the air before it circulates through your home. A leak is probably the cause.

Frozen Coils

Refrigerant runs through the evaporator coils in your AC to absorb heat and cool the air before it circulates through your home. If the refrigerant is low, the coils don’t absorb heat, and they can freeze. When the coils freeze, the AC won’t function. If you find frozen coils, the first best guess is low coolant levels.

Is your home feeling a little too warm for comfort this summer? If your AC runs but isn’t keeping your house cool, it could be a refrigerant leak. For a thorough evaluation of the situation and repair you can count on, contact the team at Wilson’s Refrigeration and Air.

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