Rooftop Units: What They Are and Who Needs Them


Which commercial services will give your business a boost? Check out the surprising benefits of rooftop HVAC units.

Take advantage of our professional commercial services when selecting your next HVAC unit. We offer top-performing brands in a range of sizes, including rooftop heating and cooling solutions. Are they the best fit for your business? Let Wilson’s Refrigeration & Air help you decide.

Rooftop HVAC systems bundle all of your climate control units inside one cabinet, located on the roof of your commercial property. They provide enhanced:

  • Air quality
  • Security
  • Noise control
  • Energy efficiency
  • Space savings

Some building managers also prefer rooftop units due to ease-of-access. Units installed at ground level are often located in tight quarters, making it difficult to perform basic maintenance and repairs. While many business owners prefer rooftop systems, they do have some drawbacks.

Of course, no solution is perfect. A potential disadvantage is the risk of vibration due to poor installation. It’s important to hire experienced HVAC techs for the job, so they use the appropriate dampening material. Otherwise, you could wind up with distracting noise issues, subpar HVAC performance, and structural damage. These problems are easy to avoid when selecting the appropriate equipment and support material for your needs.

Why Aren’t Rooftop HVAC Units Installed on Homes?

Few homes require the heating and cooling power a commercial HVAC system provides. The units are more expensive and less effective at controlling the comfort of smaller spaces. They’re also heavier, putting unnecessary strain on the roof of most homes.

Finally, most homes don’t have easy roof access, so instead of being a simpler, more secure option, a roof-mounted HVAC unit would put homeowners and technicians at increased risk whenever there was a need for maintenance or repairs. However, the needs of every home are different, so be sure to ask a professional if you think yours is an exception.

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