The Hidden Expenses of DIY HVAC Repairs During the Summer

Everyone loves a good DIY project, right? Well, maybe not everyone. But there are plenty of weekend warriors who jump in on the toughest DIY projects. Whether for bragging rights or to save a buck or two, there’s no shame in the DIY game unless you pick a project best left to the pros. HVAC repair is one such project. And while there are plenty who might argue against it, we’re here with some solid evidence for our case, including the reality of the hidden expenses. Before you start YouTubing how to repair your AC, look at the potential of summer DIY HVAC repairs.

Lack of Experience Can Lead to Costly Results

HVAC repairs first require proper diagnosis and often require electrical work, managing refrigerant, and understanding complex mechanicals. Things like filter changes, thermostat battery changes, and checking a pilot light are reasonable efforts a homeowner can make to fix an issue. Anything beyond that requires experience, training, and licensing to do it right. Not knowing what you’re doing can lead to more than just an AC that’s still on the blink. It can lead to even more costly repairs to correct improper repairs, and repair additional damage done in the process.

Safety and DIY HVAC Repair

Do you know how to test your HVAC system for electrical issues? Do you know how to ensure safety switches are in working order? Do you know how to ensure no fuel or carbon monoxide leaks after completing the repair? These are just the tip of the iceberg regarding the safety risks with DIY HVAC repair. Other issues include:

  • The potential for electric shock
  • Mishandling of natural gas leading to a fire or explosion
  • The potential for death from inhaling carbon monoxide. T

The risks of repairing a heating and cooling system yourself can go beyond failing to fix the problem. You can put your life at risk doing DIY HVAC repair.

The Cost of Time Invested

The amount of time it would take the average homeowner to evaluate, research, troubleshoot and attempt a repair far exceeds the value you would recoup by doing it yourself. Your time is valuable, and you’ll spend far less of it by hiring a professional. You’ll also find that you can spend an enormous amount of time watching how-to videos that may or may not even be helpful. Leaving it to the pros is an investment in your time.

Increased Costs Associated with DIY Projects

Some of you might have toolboxes filled with every possible tool imaginable, while others only have the basics. Either way, using specialized tools is often the only way to perform HVAC repair successfully. If you’re reluctant to spend money on a professional heating and cooling technician, just wait until you see the price of the tools you’ll need for your weekend project. Not only that, but you’ll also have to learn how to use them. Leaving repairs to the experts will save you the time and money it would cost to buy the tools needed for the repairs.

The Dreaded Voided Warranty

Did you know that doing a DIY repair on your heating and cooling equipment will void the warranty? If you’re still within your warranty period and your system breaks down, only a licensed HVAC technician’s evaluation and service will keep your warranty intact. Imagine trying to do what seems like an easy fix, somehow getting it wrong, calling an HVAC company to repair it under warranty, and finding that you’re on the hook for the total cost because you voided your warranty. That’s much more costly than calling an HVAC professional right out of the gate.

Extending the Misery During Hot Weather

When your AC breaks in the middle of summer and the hot weather that goes with it, you want it fixed as soon as possible. When you opt for DIY repair, you’re extending the misery of a hot house due to a broken air conditioner. And the heat of a South Carolina summer is not only uncomfortable, but it can also be dangerous and have hidden costs you need to consider, such as replacing spoiled food and the cost of a hotel if your house gets too hot to stay in.

Everyone wants to find ways to save money, and many homeowners find that DIY can do just that. For some house projects, that’s true. However, when it comes to your heating and air conditioning systems, DIY doesn’t pay. In fact, you could incur hidden expenses and additional costs by attempting to manage a broken AC yourself. Instead of taking it on and paying the price, avoid the nightmare that can come from DIY HVAC repairs and call in the pros. Contact Wilson’s Refrigeration and Air for all your HVAC needs this summer.

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