What Effects Could Your Christmas Tree Have on Your HVAC?

Christmas tree affects your HVAC system

‘Tis the season for cooler weather and Christmas trees! Before you string the lights and add the decorations, you should know about Christmas trees and your HVAC system. Here’s what you need to know to keep the holidays warm and bright this season

Placement is Key

Where you set up your tree is the most important factor in how it affects the heat in your home. You don’t want to put it directly over or near an air vent. The heat from the vent can dry out a real tree causing many of the needles to fall off and creating a fire hazard. A tree on or near a vent can also prevent the HVAC from effectively heating your home.

Watch the Ducts

Real Christmas trees drop needles as they dry out, even when watered consistently. Those needles can do a number on your ducts if they fall into the heat vents, including impacting your indoor air quality, affecting the function of the HVAC system, and acting as a magnet for dust and dirt in the ducts.

Keep an Eye on Your Air Quality

Real and artificial trees can be great hiding places for dust and mold. If your tree is up for more than a few weeks, it can compromise your indoor air quality. Before bringing an artificial tree into the house, give it a good shake outside to get loose needles off and to get as much dust off as possible. Do a needle test before buying a live tree. When you run a hand over a branch, if a lot of needles come off, move on to a fresher tree. Fewer needles falling off means a tree that hasn’t been sitting for as long and isn’t as likely to have collected dust and mold.

Don’t skip the tree because you’re worried about your HVAC system this holiday season. Instead, take some precautions and enjoy a beautiful Christmas tree and a warm, cozy home. Contact Wilson’s Refrigeration and Air for any questions about your HVAC system and how to prep it for the holidays.

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